Rajin Shankar Rajin. games & software. developer. Software Engineer, Game Developer Rajin Shankar Rajin Shankar rajinshankar.com rajin@rajinshankar.com @rajinshankar Professional Experience Professional Experience expected release: 2019 expected graduation: 2020 slugslasher.com Game Programmer / Designer Unannounced Project (May - August 2018) Developed a mobile AR game prototype for an independent studio client Rapidly iterated on design & implementation based on player and client feedback Designed and produced modular, extensible game code and editor tools (Unity, C#) + + + Game Developer / Designer Slug Slasher (2017 – present) Created all game code, visuals, sound effects, editor tools, and documentation Produced marketing materials for print and web Managed team operations and coordination with independent contractor for music + + Web & Digital Design Specialist IU Jacobs School of Music (2016 – 2017) Managed web content and graphics through a variety of distribution frameworks Authored templates and tools for team members to create HTML emails + + + + + + + Technical Art Consultant Unannounced Project (October 2018) Programming / Software Engineering Contracted to provide consultation on art direction and graphics implementation by an independent studio client (Unity) + Personal / Volunteer Experience Personal / Volunteer Experience gdiu.org github.com/rajin-s/UModule rajinshankar.com Gamedev@IU – Founder, Vice President (May 2017 – present) Led restructuring of a student-run organization based on analysis of operations and leadership Managed an 18-person leadership team + + Unity Framework Modules (October 2018 – present) Developed a set of open-source modules to provide extended behavior and frameworks for various types of game systems in Unity + Independent Game Development (2015 – present) Participated in local and international game jams (Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam), consistently receiving highly positive reviews and ratings + C#, C / C++, GLSL / Cg, Python, Java, Racket Game engine implementation, scripting + + Game Engines Unity (C#, 2D / 3D shaders and VFX, animation) Unreal Engine 4 (blueprint, materials) Godot (GD Script, shaders) + + + Digital Content Creation Substance Designer, Maya, Houdini, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, HTML/CSS + Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Indiana University Education Education Software systems (Python, Java, C) Graphics programming (OpenGL) Technical game art (materials, rigging, VFX) Data structures, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, theory of interpreted languages + + Honors & Awards Honors & Awards Unity & GDC Student Scholarship (2018) School of Informatics, Computing, & Engineering Dean’s List (2016 – present) Skills & Expertise Skills & Expertise contact: rajin@rajinshankar.com copyright Rajin Shankar, 2019