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Started in late 2018, this collection of open source script packages for Unity is aimed at creating a set of unified, extensible frameworks ranging from basic data structures to 2D cameras to 3D level editing tools. Each UModule can be integrated into git-based Unity projects as a submodule without external dependencies outside the whole set of modules.

Currently released/in development modules include data structure extensions, 2D camera extensions, GPU-accelerated procedural 3D noise texture generation, and flexible scripting syntax definition API for tools and prototypes.

  • Flexible data structures for use in game systems
  • Tool for GPU-accelerated generation and realtime previewing of 3D noise volumes
  • Raymarching-based cloud rendering (using generated noise volumes)
  • Interpreted language definition/binding API
  • Asset types for centralizing data storage and decoupling systems
  • Extended behavior for Unity cameras
  • 3D level editing tools and data structures
  • GitHub wiki documentation generation utility
Tools Used
  • Unity
  • Git / GitHub (workflows and project management)
  • Photoshop (icons)
contact: rajin@rajinshankar.com copyright Rajin Shankar, 2019