Rajin. games & software. developer. Technical Artist. Graphics Programmer. November 2018
(Contract, 2 weeks)







During late 2018 I assisted with technical art and polish for a capstone project prototype in Indiana University's Game Design Program titled OddestSea. The main focus of my work was establishing an in-engine art style following the general art direction set by the team, as well as creating a unified GPU-accelerated framework for the game's water visuals and interaction with objects.

I also provided additional graphical resources for a game pitch presentation, presented at the IU Game Design Department's Shark Tank event.

  • Stylized water shader with parameterized values for wave activity and coloring
  • Compute-shader framework for water-object interaction to match visuals
  • Postprocessing using Unity's Postprocessing Stack v2
Tools Used
  • Unity, Cg, HLSL, C# (visuals, unified water system)
  • Substance Designer (water height map generation)
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