Slug Slasher

Slug Slasher

roles: programmer, artist, manager

Marking my first foray into collaborative game development, Slug Slasher is a sidescrolling action-platformer featuring vibrant characters and over-the-top environments. Still in development, it is poised to release during the first half of 2018!

  • Production and management of all game code
  • Creation of all character & environmental art
  • Project management & documentation
Tools Used
  • Unity (gameplay, keyframe animations)
  • Photoshop (sprites, promotional art)
  • Tiled Map Editor (levels)
  • Graphics Gale (spritesheet animations)
  • Asana (project management)

Team Size: 3 members
Project Duration: 1 year (January 2017 - present)
(expected completion mid 2018)